How veneers are made ?

Why choose a qualified dentist for tooth veneer ?

For many, beautiful teeth bring more confidence in human relationships. Thus, there are many who want to correct a tooth imperfection. This correction can relate either to the color, or to the shape of the teeth, or even to their alignment. Fortunately for them, there is a fairly simple and painless procedure that allows them to fulfill their wish. The name we give to this method is the veneering of teeth. It is a great alternative to tooth whitening and the fitting of dentures, much more expensive.

How do you define dental veneer?

Treating the tooth with chemicals like peroxide can be dangerous. Thus, some have opted for simpler solutions such as plating the teeth. Indeed, dental veneer, also called dental veneer, is a kind of protection for better health of your natural teeth. They are often made of composite materials or ceramic; their goal is to hide small defects, and to have white teeth in appearance. Therefore, they are used only for the front teeth, it is therefore unnecessary to place them on the molars. Click here for more details.

 However, there are two different types of dental veneer: it is whole dental veneer and partial dental veneer. In the first case, it is used to cover a completely damaged tooth, especially the visible part of the tooth. Whereas, partial dental veneer is applied when the tooth degradation is not significant, and we want to correct a small imperfection.

What are the stages of good dental plating?

 Among the interventions of a dentist, placing a dental veneer is one of the simplest operations to perform. However, it is not enough to go there and come out with a beautiful smile. There are therefore steps to follow to obtain a better result.

  • Making an appointment is the preliminary step; during this interview, the patient will have the opportunity to tell the specialist about their wishes and fears. Then the dentist will examine, the teeth, the enamel; he will take an X-ray of these and then take their fingerprints. Thus, it will be able to carry out a molding conforming to your teeth;
  • The second step consists of a second meeting during which the mask will be made. Thus, with resin and a gutter, the specialist will give the client an overview of the end result. At the end of this appointment, the client will return home with the mask in order to make a final decision;
  • The third step takes into account the fabrication of the actual dental veneer;
  • The fourth and last step is to place the dental veneer, this is the most important part, moreover it is not done without local anesthesia.

 After a dental veneer, it is advisable to pay attention to the tooth by not abusing products such as coffee, which may color them. Also the maintenance of the latter is essential for their effectiveness over time.

How much does dental veneer cost?

In general, the price of the operation will depend mainly on the material you have chosen. As for the cost of the service, it will depend on the specificity of your teeth, your needs and also the number of teeth to be covered. However, it would be better to request a quote before embarking on this adventure.